How it works

Online auctions are fun, exciting, and sometimes addicting. Getting that bargain on your everyday items, finding a treasure, or a hard to find product is what ATX Auctions is all about.

 At ATX Auctions we specialize in overstock and new box damaged merchandize liquidated by nine of the top ten retailers in the United States.  If you are like most people and love a great deal, ATX Auctions will be your new way to shop.  In the online auction world, you the consumer dictates the price. You decide what it's worth to and what you want to pay. In most cases it's 60 to 99 percent off the retail price.

With 10 years of experience and over 22 locations in Texas, Utah, and California,  ATX Auctions provides the knowledge and knowhow to make your auction experience fun, exciting, and potentially addicting. ATX Auctions utilizes the number one private label auction web service in North America. gives you the safety and security of online shopping with the most trusted online auction platform.